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Exploring the Push Up Position: Beginner-Friendly Intimacy

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Embark on a sexual adventure with the Push Up Position, a delightful blend of missionary's intimacy and cowgirl's empowerment. This beginner-level sex position is both enjoyable and simple to master, offering a fresh twist to your intimate moments.

Push Up Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+Brings you and your partner close together
+Allows the woman to take charge and set the pace
Not conducive for fast-paced action
Can be more tiring than other positions

Initiate this position with the man lying on his back and knees bent. The woman then lies on top, placing her hands beside her for support, which allows her to glide up and down at her preferred pace. This setup fosters a deep connection while giving her the reins, reminiscent of both the missionary and cowgirl positions.

Eve’s Tip: To seamlessly transition into the Push Up Position, start in missionary and roll over together mid-action. This spontaneous position change adds an exciting element to your encounter without interrupting the passion.

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