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Blush Novelties Performance Prostimulator 02: A Vibrating Plug for Beginners

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 38
Sheryl Kile shares an intimate review of the Blush Novelties Performance Prostimulator 02, a vibrating butt plug designed for those stepping into the world of anal play. The plug's modest girth and slightly tapered tip provide a comfortable experience, while the vibrations offer a surprising intensity that's more focused on anal canal stimulation rather than deep prostate impact. The product's silicone material is praised for its safety and ease of cleaning, and while the product may not deliver intense prostate stimulation, it is a good option for beginners seeking to explore new sensations. Furthermore, Blush Novelties has catered to those desiring stronger sensations with the Performance Plus Supra, equipped with a rechargeable bullet for more intense vibrations.
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