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Navigating the Maze of Personal Lubricant Ingredients: A Guide to Safety and Selection

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 26
In the realm of personal lubricants, a deep dive into the ingredient lists reveals a complex picture of safety, comfort, and health considerations. This comprehensive guide, based on Shelly Ewald's extensive research, categorizes lubricants into various safety levels, from the safest water-based options to those with potentially harmful high osmolality. It also explores hybrid, silicone, and oil-based lubricants, highlighting ingredients of concern such as glycerin, parabens, and various preservatives. The guide serves as a critical resource for individuals seeking to make informed choices about the lubricants they use, taking into account allergies, sensitivities, and the delicate balance of the body's natural microbiome.
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