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Zalo Queen Set Review: A Luxurious But Underwhelming Experience

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 72
When it comes to luxurious sex toys, the Zalo Queen Set certainly looks the part. But does it play the part? Our detailed review delves into the PulseWave technology, which aims to offer a new G-spot experience but may be too subtle for some. The vibrations leave something to be desired, being more buzzy than rumbly, and the motor is noisier than expected. The app unlocks higher intensities not accessible via the toy's buttons, but the features and vibration patterns may not suit everyone. The silicone sleeve attachment adds a nice touch for clitoral play although it still doesn't match the air pulsation technology of other brands. Overall, while the Zalo Queen is a visual treat, its performance may not justify the price for everyone, especially those who prefer more potent and rumbly vibrations.
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