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Exploring the Best Online Retailers for Body-Safe Sex Toys

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When it comes to finding body-safe sex toys, steering clear of risky materials is crucial. This guide highlights trustworthy online retailers and indie makers offering a variety of products from platinum silicone dildos to fantasy toys, as well as tips for snagging great deals.

  • Peepshow Toys leads the body-safe movement, refusing to sell porous toys and offering a range of safe and affordable options, with additional savings using code FELICITY.
  • Spectrum Boutique combines smart shopping with education, while Lovehoney requires careful material selection.
  • Betty's Toy Box and SheVibe offer a variety of silicone dildos and clit toys, while Stockroom caters to the bondage and kink community.
  • Early to Bed focuses on gender expression products, and UK's Pleasure Garden carries select items not found on other sites.
  • Other reputable retailers include Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are, SheBop, and Babeland.

For those seeking unique, handcrafted items, US-based and international Etsy shops provide a plethora of standard and fantasy-themed dildos made from skin-safe, platinum silicone. Noteworthy mentions include SquarePegToys, Tantus, We-Vibe, Mr. Hankey's Toys, and Lovense, among others. Fantasy shops like Pleasure Forge, Paladin Pleasure, and Bad Dragon offer vibrant and imaginative designs.

Sexual health extends beyond toys, with essential resources for safer sex practices, including condom selection from Lucky Bloke and comprehensive STI testing through STDCheck.com. Vaccination against HPV and supporting reproductive rights are also key components of sexual wellness.

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  • Even with nontoxic TPR/TPE penis toys, proper care is essential to prevent bacterial and mold growth.
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