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Oxballs Balls-T Stretcher: Enhancing Sensation & Stretch for Your Scrotum

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 20
The Oxballs Balls-T Stretcher is not your typical sex toy. It's a scrotal ring made from 'blubbery' soft silicone, aiming to provide more sensation rather than just prolong erections. This beginner-friendly device is best suited for high and tight nut-sacks or as a stepping stone for those new to ball stretching. With its 1-inch inner diameter, it offers a comfortable fit for those with smaller or average-sized testicles. Our personal experience with the Balls-T was nothing short of exhilarating, adding a noticeable pressure and fullness to the scrotum, which led to increased arousal and a more intense climax. For best results, it's recommended to wear the Balls-T regularly, allowing for gradual stretching and a lower-hanging look over time. The product is available in a classic black or a sparkly blue, adding a touch of style to your intimate moments. To ensure a comfortable fit, start with minimal lube and gradually increase as needed. For those looking for a gentle introduction to ball play and the possibility of a more prominent bulge, the Oxballs Balls-T Stretcher is an affordable and durable option to consider.
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