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Zalo Sweet Magic Desire Review: A Self-Thrusting Pulsator with Style

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 20
Sheryl Kile shares her experience with Zalo's Sweet Magic Desire, a self-thrusting toy that promises to add a touch of luxury to the bedroom. The toy boasts a satiny silicone finish and is adorned with gold accents. While not app-controlled, it features a pre-heating function, though it could use improvement. The toy's pulsation rather than thrusting provides a smooth motion, with the noise level remaining discreet. The golden control panel adds to its elegance, though its non-intuitive design may require a glance at the manual. While splashproof, it isn't fully submersible, and the control system can be a bit of a learning curve. Overall, while the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire may not become the go-to for those seeking intense G-spot stimulation, its unique aesthetics and gentle pulsating action make it a noteworthy addition for toy enthusiasts interested in a combination of form and function.
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