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Understanding the Clitoral Complex: Anatomy and Pleasure

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The clitoris, often misunderstood and historically misrepresented, is the cornerstone of sexual pleasure for many women, with over 80% requiring clitoral stimulation for orgasm during sex. Previously misconceived as a mere 'spot,' the clitoral complex is actually a sophisticated 3D structure that extends well beyond what is visible. Dr. Christine Vaccaro from the PBF Board of Medical Directors clarifies that the complex includes the glans, the body, the crura, and the bulbs, and spans approximately 10 centimeters in its entirety.

Components of the Clitoral Complex

The glans is the most sensitive visible part, while the body anchors to the pubic bone. The crura are like brackets that extend into the vulva, and the vestibular bulbs sit on either side of the vaginal orifice, filling with blood during arousal for enhanced pleasure. The clitoris, sharing embryonic tissue with the penis, is exclusively devoted to pleasure, in contrast to the multifunctional penis.

The Role of the G-spot

Contrary to the notion of a distinct G-spot, it's suggested that the G-spot sensation arises from the clitoral complex's contact with the vaginal wall during penetration.

Stimulating the Clitoris

Stimulation can be achieved externally, internally, or both, with personal exploration being key to understanding what provides the most pleasure. Tools like mirrors and sex toys, along with lubricants, can aid in this exploration, with various toys designed to target different parts of the clitoral complex.

Enhancing Pleasure

Comfort, slow exploration, and experimentation with toys and lubricants are recommended to maximize pleasure and orgasmic potential.

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