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Stronic Petite Review: The Compact Thruster by Fun Factory

发布时间: 2024年4月3日 浏览: 20
Sheryl Kile provides an in-depth review of the Stronic Petite, a smaller version of Fun Factory's magnetic propulsion technology. This pulsating dildo boasts features such as a quiet operation, waterproof design, and hands-free potential when used in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator. Despite its subtle feel, which may not suit everyone's preferences, the Stronic Petite is ideal for those who enjoy light and easy penetration without the aggressiveness of larger thrusting toys. Kile also offers tips on positioning the dildo for optimal use and compares it with previous Fun Factory models, highlighting its convenient size and ease of use. The Stronic Petite is recommended for a slow and relaxing journey toward orgasm, complemented by additional clitoral stimulation for a more intense experience.
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