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Maintaining Privacy with Your Adult Toy Collection

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Having watched the series 'How to Build a Sex Room,' I found inspiration in the combination of sexuality and interior design. A particular episode showcased designer Melanie Rose revamping a cluttered, laundry-strewn bedroom into an elegant, private sanctuary, complete with a soaking tub and even a stripper pole. As a busy parent, I realized the need for subtlety in owning adult toys and have gathered some advice on how to discreetly enjoy them.

Choose a Silent Toy

For those with a bustling household, a quiet yet powerful vibrator like the 'Opening Act' can ensure privacy during intimate moments.

Wearable Vibrators for Stealthy Pleasure

For adventurous spirits, a wearable vibrator such as our 'Box Office' model offers discreet stimulation, controllable via remote for an element of surprise.

Sexcessories That Double as Decor

Some products, like our 'Burning Desire' massage candle, inconspicuously blend into your home decor, doubling as both an alluring fragrance source and a massage aid. Similarly, certain pillows and restraints can pass off as regular bedroom items.

Proper Sex Toy Storage

Ensuring your adult toys are stored correctly is crucial for discretion. Utilize specialized storage solutions like our 'Toy Totes' to keep your items out of sight and away from curious hands.

Sex Toy Furniture That Doesn't Stand Out

There are options for sex toy furniture that discreetly integrate into your home, such as storable swings and ergonomically designed chaise lounges, which can also be presented as yoga chairs, to maintain privacy.

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