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Exploring the Rocking Horse Position: A Guide to Intimate Pleasure

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The Rocking Horse position is a dynamic and intimate twist on the classic cowgirl pose, designed to amplify pleasure for both partners. With the man seated and legs extended, the woman straddles him, wrapping her legs around his body. Both partners sit upright, using their hands behind them for support, and rock in unison, allowing for a harmonious and passionate experience.

Difficulty Level
Intermediate, offering a moderately challenging yet satisfying experience for couples eager to explore new dynamics in the bedroom.

Pros & Cons
+ Enables her to dictate the rhythm and depth of thrusts
+ Face-to-face interaction boosts emotional intimacy
May cause strain on back and leg muscles
Not suitable for prolonged sessions due to potential discomfort


Begin with the man sitting and legs outstretched. The woman lowers herself onto him, securing her legs around his torso. Both maintain an upright posture, supporting themselves with their hands. This position allows the woman to lead while making it effortless for the man to meet her motions, creating a powerful and synchronous rocking motion that heightens the sexual experience.

Rocking Horse Sex Position
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