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Exploring the Fireworks Sex Position: A Guide to Intimacy and Pleasure

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The Fireworks sex position, a scintillating variation of the classic scissors, offers couples an advanced level of intimacy and pleasure. With its challenging nature, it requires strength, stamina, and flexibility, making it ideal for those looking to spice up their bedroom routine.

Fireworks Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Advanced: an extremely challenging sex position that requires significant strength, stamina and flexibility

Pros & Cons
+ Great for grinding & deep penetration
+ Increase intimacy with eye contact
Requires strong muscles in your arms, legs & back
Difficult to maintain for an extended time

Start with both partners sitting down facing each other on the edge of the bed with your legs split open. One of you should scoot closer to the other, locking your legs together. She should rest one of her legs on his shoulder, while the other sits off the side of the side of the bed. Both of you should lean slightly back, supporting yourself with your arms. Then start slowly grinding together with a gentle circular motion. While thrusting doesn't really work with this position, it is great for deep penetration. The extensive eye contact that comes from facing each other during sex also adds a nice feeling of intimacy.

Adam's Tip: This position is much easier with some extra support. The Liberator Ramp is just what you need!

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