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Exploring the CAT Missionary: A Guide to Enhanced Pleasure

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Exploring the CAT Missionary: A Guide to Enhanced Pleasure

CAT Missionary: A New Spin on a Classic Position for Extra Pleasure

Looking for a way to amplify pleasure in a familiar setting? The CAT Missionary sex position might be just what you and your partner need. This variation adds a twist to the conventional missionary pose, aiming to provide intense clitoral stimulation and help your partner see stars during your intimate moments.

CAT Missionary Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic, fun, and easy-to-execute sex position.

Pros & Cons
+ It's simple and easy to do.
+ It maximizes clitoral stimulation for her.
It can become monotonous if overused.

Begin with the traditional setup: the woman lies on her back with the man positioned above her. After achieving penetration, the man shifts his lower body closer to hers and lies down, partially supporting his weight with his arms and elbows to avoid burdening her. She wraps her legs and ankles around his, creating a tight bond. Together, you engage in a rhythmic up-and-down motion, rocking your pelvises in sync so that her clitoris rubs against the base of his penis, enhancing the sexual experience for both.

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