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Exploring Intimacy: The Casting Couch Scissors Position

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Seeking to elevate your intimate experiences with a twist of excitement? The Casting Couch Scissors sex position might be your gateway to a new level of closeness with your partner. This intermediate difficulty level position strikes a perfect balance between comfort and the thrill of trying something new.

Casting Couch Scissors Sex Position

One of the significant benefits of this position is the extra skin contact it provides, fostering a deep sense of intimacy and connection. It's also an excellent choice for those who enjoy the sensation of grinding during sex.

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: This moderately challenging position is suited for couples looking to spice up their sexual repertoire.

Pros & Cons
+ Enhances intimacy with increased skin-to-skin contact
+ Ideal for grinding and rhythmic motion
+ Allows for simultaneous enjoyment of adult films


Begin with the woman lying on her side in the middle of the couch, her top leg lifted to allow the man to slide in from between her legs. Once in position, she can rest her upper leg on him, creating the interlocked 'scissors' formation. The couple can then engage in a grinding motion, with either partner leading or even exchanging roles throughout. This position not only brings partners closer physically but also allows for maintaining eye contact, adding an extra layer of intimacy to the encounter.

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